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PERONI RUGGERO was established in 1979 by the current legal representative and sales director Ruggero, now supported by his son Cristiano sales & purchase manager – and  by his daughter Veronica, owner of  PERONI PRODUCTS SRL .  A particularly dynamic and widely flexible company, PERONI  employs at the moment more than thirty internal workers.  

The core business of our firm focuses on the assembling and delivery of a complete machinery range to manufacture filing products – such as ring binders, lever-arch files, elasticated maps, tape collecting folders, suspension files, slipcases – which are traditionally related to school and office supplies.

Besides the original competence areas, PERONI has been achieving for several years a relevant machinery extension, thus involving both the agenda, book and note pad finishing (by applying on them one closure elastic band), as well   some special processes on luxury packaging products, as rigid and collapsible boxes. 

PERONI’S history is marked by continuous goals that within less than 30 years have let it enter in the world of international cardboard converting industry with a wide range of equipment,  entirely planned and assembled in the main facilities of Varese,  made-in-Italy styled and inspired by  the most recent and advanced  technology project systems.

Last ten years many companies in Poland, including leading manufacturers of school and office materials, became satisfied users of Peroni equipment and appreciated its innovation, reliability and possibilities, opened by automation of operations, which have been done only manually before.

From board case coating, to the application of ring metals, from the elastic applying onto 3-flap folders and onto agendas, to  the most complicated manipulations in the fields of box and shopper packaging: PERONI RUGGERO offer a complete range of machines for each kind of school and office  cardboard converting process, including bookbinding and luxury packaging.

Detailed information about PERONI equipment you can find on Peroni site according to product categories:​

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